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DUO Drag Metal Force Semi Long 105gr

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The DUO Cast Metal Force Semi Long is a jig that was born from the need to remain in a horizontal position, longer than other jigs do. With a with a relaxed, long jerk, this DUO jig performs beautiful, long, horizontal slides to the left and right.

The shape of the DUO Cast Metal Force jig makes it easy to maintain its horizontal posture, which is important in giving to predators the chance to attack. The key design element of the Force Semi Long is the asymmetrical design of its body. One side is flat, while the other side is bulky, with sides intersecting, allowing the lure to enact a luring falling action, while producing the flashes you need to bring bites.

Despite the asymmetrical shape of the body shape, the lure has been designed to maintain perfect balance during steady retrieves thanks to its relatively long and hydrodynamic design. A straight retrieve is easy and effective, providing that a mixture of fast and slow speeds are used, without fully stopping the lure. The lure will maintain its posture, even at low speed retrievals. The shape of the lure makes it easy to maintain a horizontal position. A straight retrieve will also produce a luring motion with the tail making an inviting dancing action, as it moves through the water.

Letting the Metal Force jig fall, followed by a quick retrieve will get you bites. A quick rod action on the other hand will make the lure move in a crisp and dancing manner.

The DUO Cast Metal Force jig has the power to attract fish and make them bite. It will attract big ones, it will get you even small ones too. Use the Force Semi Long and you will get the target you need. It is a strong jig, that despite its size, can handle any target.

Supplied without Assist Hooks.