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Duo Bay Ruf Seek 85s

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DUO Sea Bass Fishing Lipless Sinking Minnow Lure BAY RUF SEEK 85S

What DUO aimed to develop, with the Bay Ruf Seek 85S, was a lure with a slide action, as if the lure has its own intentions. The DUO Bay Ruf Seek 85S was born to allow anglers to fish in difficult conditions. The 85S is sinking model, ideal for shallow water, long casts and responds quickly to rod movements and reel recovery.

DUO has placed great emphasis on this lipless lure and in particular in the horizontal, lateral swimming posture, followed by an unexpected “slide and seek” action. This motion resembles the reaction of a fish that goes against the current and changes its course, triggering the predatory instincts of Seabass and generating a bite.

Despite its compact body of 85mm, it achieves significant winding resistance, excellent flight distance, due to the fixed weights placed in the center of the body.
Made in JAPAN

Lure length:85mm (3-1/3in)
Lure weight:14.5g (1/2oz)
Depth range:0-0.4m
Hooks:2 x #7