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DTD Gamberino #3.0 squid jigs

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blue glow

Presented on EFTTEX 2019. in Bruxelles, Gamberino is version of shrimp, developed to give more natural shape to the successful egi model. 


Equipped with new, specially designed, blue glow body, shiny fabric and UV legs, this product is irresistible to squids and cuttlefishes. Eyes of the product are full black, inside green glow circle. On the sides of the product there is vivid UV fluo orange pattern. Sinking position is perfect and sinking speed is around 6.5 sec/m. Hooks on this product are extra strong, to withstand squids and cuttlefishes of all sizes...


  • shrimp body shape
  • shrimp UV legs
  • vivid fluo colors
  • blue luminous body
  • luminous eyes
  • flash cloth
  • double weight = excellent balance
  • stainless steel hooks + ring
  • sound effect

        Size: 3.0

        Weight: 14.3gr

        Length: 90mm