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Dragon Millenium SP SpeedKing 30 (c.w.: 10-30gr , Length: 2.75mt)

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Dragon Millenium SP SpeedKing 30 

SP subgroup are the most popular types of spinning rods used by many anglers. It offers the possibility to adjust the length and casting weight to many situations on different fisheries. They have a wide range of tolerance when it comes to lures which are used. They are all very resistant to overloadings and mechanical damages.

You can find here:
• light trout rods;
• long, fast rods for fishing in big rivers or from the shore of the lakes;
• medium length, strong rods for hard lures, especially for pikes;
• pike and zander rods for fishing on soft lures;
• seatrout rods with excellent casting features.

The multi layer construction joins three kinds of graphites by Japanese Toray company:
• graphite 24 mln PSI which is the basic substance of the root of the blank;
• high module graphites with high resistance, from 24 to 46 mln PSI, in middle layers, especially in these places in blanks, where weight reduction and acceleration of action was needed;
• HDG Endurance graphite composite in outer layer, increasing resistance to damages.

All the elements used to create Millenium HDG rods meet the quality standards set by Team Dragon:
• SIC type of guides, with ceramic ring perfectly transfering the heat, with reduced diameter and weight, e, light and embedded in light but strong and elastic frame;
• the handles joining hard and durable EVA foam with grinded cork (Portuguese AA class cork in fly rod);
• modern handles TVS type, enabling direct contact of angler’s hand with the blank (DPS in the strongest models);
• two two components, ageless, epoxy varnish for frappings;
• threads for frappings by American Gudebrod company.

Third edition of Dragon MILLENIUM rods is coming! After few years, during which this price level was represented by Viper series, the anglers will have in their hands heavily upgraded but strongly referring to their tradition, MILLENIUM HDG rods. You can find the genes of their predecessors in many of new blanks. They were produced in Multi – Protection Layer technology, which consists in putting few layers of high resistance to damage graphite on the root. The ability of putting many matts with different stiffness and characteristic without increasing the amount of used epoxy resin is a standard.
The effect are the rods which are slimmer, faster, lighter and more resistant to damages.

    Length: 2.75m
    Casting weight: 10-30g
    Transport length: 1.41m
    Weight: 204g
    Number of elements: 2
    Action: X-Fast