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Decoy W-Switcher worm 104 Offset Hooks

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W-Switcher Worm 104 is a continuation of the "heavy" series of Decoy offsets, but unlike the Back Switcher Worm 103, the "one hundred and fourth" has a front hook loading.

This concept is focused on the use of passive silicone baits in shallow areas of water bodies, in cases where jerk or jig wiring is necessary to achieve the result.

Hooks of this series perfectly complement the voluminous baits, and provide them with a balanced and seductive game, causing the predator an irresistible desire to attack.


Model Qty, pcs Size Weight, gr
Decoy Worm 104 #2/0 5 #2/0 0,5
Decoy Worm 104 #3/0 5 #3/0 0,9
Decoy Worm 104 #4/0 4 #4/0 1,2
Decoy Worm 104 #5/0 4 #5/0 1,5