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Decoy SV-45 Slide Bomb Hooks

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Unlike a normal jig head, the hook is movable in the joint, maximizing the action of the worm flashing up and down. A weedless jighead for any light game target.
The head shape pursues a form that achieves both stability at the bottom and slip-out performance. And for the joint part, a clip eye that can replace the hook according to the target etc. is adopted. With a split-rig and Texas rig-like feeling, you can not be afraid to enter not only the bottom ~ the surface, but also the weed area, which has been aggressive and strong so far. Worth mentioning is the fascinating action that occurs naturally as the worm falls down on its own, even when the rig is stopped in the weed or in the tetra hole. It is effective not only for hagfish and scorpionfish, but also for capturing clothoi.

The hook is equipped with a reliable offset hook "Worm 17 kg hook" as standard.


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