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Decoy JS-3 Pike Type-R Hooks

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Arguably one of the most popular single lure hook in the market, the Decoy Pike JS-3 is super strong and super sharp, to deal with the nastiest of fish.

The Pike JS-3 is the newest jigging hook released by Decoy.The wide gape and long point gives the hook excellent penetration. It is made wiith relatively thin wire but the unique shape of the hook makes it incredibly strong. The Pike JS-3 is an excellent allround jigging hook and is perfect for light jigging demersals, or chasing monster size kingfish and amberjack.

These hooks have been designed for heavy metal jigging. Best result is achieved by the 'lure setting' of placing a correctly selected 'Decoy' split ring between metal jig and jigging single hook.

The Pike JS-3 feature a welded eye and long shank.

    Size: 1/0 - 7pcs

             2/0 - 6pcs

             3/0 - 5pcs

             4/0 - 4pcs