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Daiwa Morethan Cross Counter 125F minnow

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Supervised by Masaya Onuma. Dead slow retrieve compatible, high response design.
A lipless minnow for capturing shallow range that can be eaten with just a roll during the low activity and low water temperature period.

Dead throw compatible, slow pitch fluttering roll action. With a narrow slim body, it produces action like a weak fish. Corresponds to the sea bass and area that are threaded by slow pitch and gentle action. Due to the special balance setting, the sensitivity is high, and the balance is automatically lost at the boundary of the flow or the twist just by winding for free, so it becomes a time to eat. By installing "MAGLOCK Ver.S + R", which is the shaft part of the MAGLOCK + R system processed by SaqSas, the weight return is greatly improved while minimizing the loss of flight distance. Coupled with the cup-shaped lip, the action is swiftly launched by the retrieve after landing, and the response of the dead slow retrieve is also excellent.

■ High response lip with cup
Quickly catches water, improves start-up performance by synergistic effect with the center of gravity movement system, and realizes action with dead slow retrieve.

■ Spec
Action: Slow pitch fluttering roll
action that works for threads + Irregular plover action

Dive range: Approximately 20 cm to 70 cm (125F)
Hook: # 6 treble & # 3 ring