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Daiwa kohga Bayrubber free alpha Tai Rubber 100gr

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Daiwa Kohga BayRubber Free alpha | Tai Rubber Jig 100g

​Integrating advanced hydrodynamic design with extensive field testing, the Daiwa Kohga Bay Rubber Free Alpha is the perfect sliding lure.

Through studying fish response, Daiwa realised that Snapper have inherent difficulty tracking stationary targets due to a lack of depth perception. They derived that constant movement was then critical to maximising lure efficiency.

Kohga Bayrubber Free provides the solution, whereby all components are separated allowing them to move free without restriction. Thanks to the hydrodynamic shape of the head, Bayrubber Free sinks quickly to the bottom creating a resonance and a unique game of the skirt.

Bayrubber Free can be used for deep water and strong currents, or shallow water and light currents.

  • Slalom type
  • Large S shape head
  • Wobbling action with large swing width
  • Polished Ceramic Tube has an extremely smooth surface to efficiently dissipate heat, protecting the leader as the lure slides
  • Hydrodynamic keel design increases the lures stability and sink rate ensuring optimal presentation in the correct area of the water column
  • Tapered head design enables the lure to adapt to high and low current situations to maintain optimal lure action
  • Holographic stickers reflect light creating flash and increasing interest
  • Plastic bumper protects the leader knot from the sliding weight
  • Securely attached skirt is glued in place, whipped with thread and then glued again to increase longevity
  • Kevlar Assist Cord with a fluorocarbon core provides optimal hook placement and prevents hooks snagging on the leader
  • Ultra sharp Stainless Steel Japanese SaqSas hooks increase penetration by up to 40% to ensure a secure hook set with minimal pressure
  • Weight: 100g