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Daiwa Crosscast Surf 20 35 SCW 5000 C QD

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Daiwa Crosscast Surf 20 35 SCW 5000 C QD

The Crosscast Surf SCW QD reel is a real 4x4 for long term surfcasting. With a DS4 polycarbonate body and rotor, it is controlled by a DIGIGEAR II Zinc control wheel. Its slow oscillation Slow Cross Wrap offers an ideal arrangement of the wire, more progressive and joined during the recovery. Throwing distances are optimized. On beaches and on dikes, it is designed to perform and last, just like our old Emblem-Xs.

  • Quick Drag Quick Brake
  • Bearings: 3 + 1
  • DS4 polycarbonate frame and rotor for more resistance while maintaining lightness
  • Aluminum coil.
  • Slow Cross Wrap
  • Folding aluminum crank
  • Line clip HIP mounted on a shock absorber, very sturdy to mark your casting distance without risking breakage. Folding of the manual pick-up.



    • Lightweight
    • Powerful
    • Slow oscillation



    Balance, robustness and sensitivity characterize the Air-Rotor.

    Its arched profile, 15% lighter than a standard rotor, provides optimum rotational fluidity and eliminates vibrations thanks to a lower center of gravity.


    Stress tests

    When applying pressure to the rotors, a weakening point appears on the standard shape (in yellow and red) as the Air Rotor distributes the load over its entire arch structure.


    Digigear II

    precision engineering

    The Digigear II gearing offers a larger format at the level of the helical teeth as of the steel wheel for greater fluidity and longevity.


    Double Oscillation

    The double oscillating yarn winding allows optimum storage of the yarn on the spool in successive loops, without jerking. During the casting phases, the unwinding of the wire is optimized and the risk of wigs reduced to a minimum.


    SCW (Slow Cross Wrap)

    Slow Cross Wrap technology provides the reel with slow swinging recovery. The line is perfectly stored in the spool and the casts are optimized. 

    Infinite Anti Reverse

    The new infinite Anti-return system engages under 4 times less pressure than a conventional system.

    Less than 2 g is enough to activate this system called “Real Stopper”, eliminating any backwash and raising the sensitivity a notch.


    Silent Oscillation