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Daiwa Catalina 15H (Right)

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"Match the Slow Jigging!"

CATALINA Jigging Bait Reel adds the long-awaited slow jigging model. Development of this model was started with the aim of "being able to use SALTIGA jigging bait reel without changing the feeling of use". I brought it to the middle and deep sea slow jigging and used it, but the body rigidity and reel sensitivity that are important for the jigging bait reel made it a bait reel that can fully demonstrate its ability at the site.

One of the points I was particular about was the exterior. Not only is matte black aesthetically pleasing, but the unsanded body even feels non-slip for slow-jigging anglers who palming with their bare hands. And from the viewpoint of ease of adjustment, we requested a larger diameter of the star drag.
The aluminum T-shaped handle knob provides support when lifting large jigs and reduces fatigue. The Convertible Rank Handle, which can be adjusted to 95mm, is also a unique setting for the SJ model, and it is the best performance as an assist for winding up long distances.
It's a reel that slow jigging anglers should also incorporate into their tackles.

■A new generation of drag system that continues to work while smoothly following the pull of ATD
fish. Since the slide is smoother than before, it is difficult to break the line, and it is difficult to give discomfort to the fish, so there is less to rampage unnecessarily. There is no room for strong prodding of fish, and it is possible to interact without anxiety even with large opponents.

Ratio: 6.4:1

Retrieve per crank: 99cm

Weight: 430gr

Drag: 8Kg

Pe/Mt: 2-500, 3-300


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