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Daiwa 23 Leobritz 300J (Right)

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A new name for electric reel fans, LEOBRITZ opens a new realm of opportunities for anglers Worldwide. A family of smaller size electric reels, LEOBRITZ are small enough to hold comfortably whilst fishing, being able to enjoy the fight of the fish with the added assistance of the electric reel is a great feature for those who can’t fish with a regular conventional reel.

LEOBRITZ reels feature Daiwa’s BRITZ motor concept, a powerful brushed motor which delivers instant power when engaged. BRITZ motors are robust and offer high torque, so even with such small electric reels can deliver surprising amounts of winding power & strength.

Both LEOBRITZ models have programmable jigging functions, able to retrieve metal jigs in a series of pre-programmed patterns with the angler’s choice of retrieval speed. This makes the strenuous act of high-speed jigging an attainable dream for many more anglers than ever before.

Available in 300 & 500 sizes in right-hand retrieve, LEOBRITZ can be paired up with any of your favourite Daiwa overhead jigging rods or the specifically designed TANACOM or SEAPOWER for handheld electric fishing.

The user guide can be downloaded at the following link:

  • Star drag
  • Bearings : 12+2BB 
  • Aluminium body and polyamide sideplates
  • Aluminium spool
  • Digital screen with metre gauge

Weight: 504gr

Gear: 5.1:1 (190m/min)

Braid: PE #3/400m #4/300m

Drag: 16Kg


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