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Daiwa 22 Seaborg 200J (Right)

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With its own weight of 490g + AIR cord as standard equipment, its lightness leads to sensitivity.
Despite being lightweight and compact, the winding force is 1.1 times and the drag force is 1.3 times (Comparison with 19 Seaborg 200J), achieving a significant power-up. In terms of operability, a new motor ON / OFF interlocking clutch is installed.
The JOG winding position remains the same, when the clutch is ON it is excellent in capturing the responsive rise; when the clutch is OFF and the motor is stopped, it is great at capturing fish bites while lures are falling.
Combined with the aluminum JOG power lever, an enhanced one-handed comfortable operation is realized.
Furthermore, it is equipped with a dot LCD counter with excellent visibility, a depth alarm, and an electronic drag sound function.
In addition, the manual winding speed is displayed on the LCD counter in conjunction with the smooth manual winding performance.
It comes with a powerful winding single handle model and a double handle model that emphasizes hand operation, one can easily get a model suited to their target from the full lineup.
In addition, it is compatible with “Mobile setting”, and line input, maintenance management, function setting, and name entry on the main unit can be easily operated with a smartphone in conjunction with the DAIWA app.

The user guide can be downloaded at the following link:

  • Star drag
  • Bearings : 12
  • Aluminium body and polyamide sideplates
  • Aluminium spool
  • Digital screen with metre gauge

Weight: 490gr

Gear: 5.1:1 (155m/min)

Braid: PE #1.5/450m #2/300m

Drag: 10Kg


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