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Prohunter Slow Rider Slow Jigging Rod SRC-621/6 200-400gr

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Pro-Hunter SLOW RIDER is a revolutionary slow jigging rod (SPJ), made of highly resistant materials with a high carbon content of optimal quality.

It is impossible to manufacture a product for a constant and delicate but extraordinarily resistant service if you do not have the artisan knowledge that Prohunter has. It is not enough to copy the colors.

Sensitivity can become a problem if they are not attached to precise hands along with the conscience of a good fisherman. They are key factors in the use of these rods.

The other problem is "adaptability". The SPJ Prohunter SLOW RIDER fishing rod covers a wide range of jig weights and water and tidal conditions, such as: strong currents, multiple layers of currents and deep water. The fishing rod "Prohunter SLOW RIDER" SPJ works optimally in whichever of these conditions, with different tactics, from fast and sharp applications to long, slow and soft applications.

  • Fuji guides
  • Spiral guide system

Model: SRC-621/6

Length: 6'2''

C.W: 200 - 400gr

PE Line: #2.0 - #4.0

Power: 6