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Carp Pro

Carp Pro Black Nickel Wide Gape In-turned Eye hooks

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Carp Pro Black Nickel Wide Gape in-turned Eye is a series of hooks with a wide zeal and a properly bent inside eye. This universal form gives the series an excellent fixation of fish. Hook material - especially strong, high-carbon steel. Thanks to Japanese technology of chemical processing of the sting, the hook is always very sharp. In addition, the tip of the sting is slightly bent inward, which guarantees high-quality girthing. Therefore, the Carp Pro Black Nickel Wide Gape series in-turned Eye is extremely popular with a large number of fishermen catching carp. The hook has a high-quality, nickel anticorrosive coating (as specified in the BN specification). Dark, nickel coating preserves it from rust. Depending on the size of the fish for which the hunt is planned, you can pick up the hook of the desired size.

Available in sizes No. 8, 6, 4.

Package includes 10 pcs