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Carp Pro

Carp Pro Wide Gape Black Teflon coated hooks

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A series of carp hooks made of high-carbon wire with a dark protective P.T.F.E. coating. This coating eliminates glare in the water and does not scare even the most cautious fish. Chemical sharpening of the sting allows the hook to penetrate the fish's lip easily and quickly. All hooks of this series have a flat wrought iron shape, which gives the hook a rib stiffness for additional strength. Wide Gape is a classic-shaped hook with a wide zeal slightly curved inside with a sting and an ear that improves hooking, thanks to the rapid deployment of fish in the mouth. The classic form is perfect for any presentation of the nozzle - both for sinking and floating. The abalone of the hook is 5° bent inward to the sting - this allows you to better hook the fish and catch on a rocky bottom without "injuring" the tip of the sting.

Wide Gape is recommended to be used with wicker leash material, both in braiding and without, with the exception of monofilament veins and fluorocarbon. All hooks in this series have a micro beard. Wide Gape hooks are available in sizes 2, 4, 6 and 8.