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Carp Pro

Carp Pro Flat Pear Sinker

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Flat Pear Weedy Green sinkers were specially designed by Carp Pro to achieve optimal aerodynamics and maximum throwing range. They have the shape of a flat pear, which is perfect for reliable fixation of the snap on underwater slopes and shoals near the islands. It is an ideal option when fishing on a muddy bottom, since due to the wide flat shape does not fall into silt. A key feature of this type of sinker is that the main weight is concentrated in their front part due to which the Carp Pro Flat Pear has the best indicator of self-cutting fish. Equipped with a special turntable with an enlarged upper ear - so that the sinkers can be combined with all sorts of safe clips. Flat Pear Weedy Green are produced with different weights, which allows you to choose the right sinker for fishing rods with different test characteristics and under certain fishing conditions. Anti-glare powder coating of olive green color perfectly masks carp carp About Flat Pear Weedy Green at the bottom of the reservoir and among algae.

Color: weedy green