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Carp Pro

Carp Pro Headlamp red/white

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Carp Pro Headlamp red/white

100 lumens

built-in lithium-polymer battery of 3.7V and 1,200 mAh

built-in special COB LED diode of 3W with white and red light (red is ideal when you don't want to disturb fish with bright light).

The light can be turned on in two intensity and works like a strobe.

5 working hours under maximum lighting, 10 hours under reduced intensity and 15 hours in stroboscope mode.

When it comes to red light, the length of working hours is 40 at maximum intensity and 80 hours in strobe mode.

The built-in battery is charged via a USB.

Dimensions: 60x45x38 mm, weight 72g.