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Borika SSt223

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The platform for the echo sounder and other equipment (164x68mm) SSt223 is used for installing echo sounders of popular brands (Humminbird, Garmin, Lowrance, Raymarine, and others), as well as for mounting photo and video equipment, GoPro cameras, and other devices. The platform is designed with the mounting holes of most types of equipment in mind, the size of which fits the platform’s dimensions. Standard fasteners are suitable for installing equipment on the platform. It can be quickly installed and securely locked in the universal lock Fs219. Made of high-strength plastic – polyamide. The 360º rotation system around its axis without removing or repositioning the platform allows you to conveniently position the echo sounder monitor, and the tilt-swivel mechanism allows you to tilt the echo sounder monitor in 7.5º increments. The adapter has a sealing ring that needs to be lubricated with silicone grease. Silicone grease is intended for lubricating the moving parts of the lock and the adapter with the sealing ring, preventing the formation of a water film and preventing freezing, which ensures reliable operation in low-temperature conditions.