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Borika Fs227

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Mounts with T-bolts (T-Track adapters) allow you to equip a kayak or motorboat with any accessories from the catalog. They are COMPACT and easy to use, yet just as reliable as the “classic” UNIVERSAL mount. They do not require additional tools for installation and are easily dismantled.

The compact mount is available in different assemblies: adapters for the T-Track with bottom or side T-bolt, extended mounts of different lengths, and assemblies for installation on the boltrope of inflatable boats. To fix the accessory you have to turn the mount body counterclockwise, which moves the retainer to the open position, then push the adapter into the mount all the way in and turn the mount clockwise. It is made of the same materials as the UNIVERSAL mount. (fiberglass-reinforced polyamide and AISI 304 stainless steel for fasteners), however, structures with it are usually designed for medium loads. You also can fix the accessory in any position, by rotating the adapter around the axis with 30° increments.