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Borika FMr225

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The system is designed for mounting accessories provided with male adapters on tubes of Ø 22 and 25 mm. Consists of two Fs219 mounts and a pad, parts of which are fastened together with four M6*55 DIN 912 screws and M6 DIN 934 nuts. To fix the pad on the rail immovably it is supplied with two M6*20 DIN 912 side screws and M6 DIN 934 nuts. Both mounts comprise female adapters. Each mount is attached to the pad with four M6*20 DIN 912 screws and M6 DIN 934 nuts. An elastic liner is provided for mounting on tubes of Ø 22 mm. The adapter of the fixed accessory is inserted all the way into the mount, the retainer of which is in the open position (UNLOCK), then the retainer is moved to the LOCK position, clamping 7 out of 12 adapter teeth. The package includes a hex wrench. The main parts are made of fiberglass-reinforced polyamide. Protective plugs and a liner are made of PVC. Fasteners — of A2 (AISI 304) stainless steel (except for four M6 DIN 934 brass nuts).