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Benzar Mix

Benzar Mix method smoke wafter dumbells 8mm

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Benzar Mix Method Smoke Wafter Dumbells 8mm

Dumbells, i.e. barrel-shaped baits are the most effective when fishing in waters where fish have been used to the usual, spherical shape for years. For them, an unknown shape can be very attractive.

The buoyancy of the Method Smoke Wafter Dumbells has been adjusted to only lighten the hook, not to lift it the entire length of the hooklink, so it’s worth experimenting with the size and the weight of the hooks.

The baits have an intense aroma that is highly soluble in water. Their color is particularly vivid, which is extremely important, especially in clearer waters.

In addition to the intense color and aroma, they have smoke design, which means they smoke after receiving water.

Their texture makes them suitable for offer them on stings and hairrigs, so they are perfect with the method technique, and also attached to larger pellet feeder rigs.

From the usual flavors like honey, you can also find really interesting, unique combinations in the series, for example: strawberry-butyric and mango-butyric, which will affect the fish with the power of novelty.

The 8 mm version is a perfect choice for fishing for larger carp as well. It is also highly recommended for rapid fishing, as it works quickly and extremely effectively.

size 8mm

package: 30ml