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Benzar Mix

Benzar Mix Concourse Method Stix Pellets 12mm

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Benzar mix Mix Concourse Method Stix Pellets

Benzar Mix Concourse Method Stix 12mm The role of lures in tournament fishing is huge, as it is very difficult to catch carp in tough situations.

For this reason, it takes years of experience to produce catchable baits that are highly effective in competitive conditions.

The Concourse Method StiXs are backed by years of experience of Zsolt Benzar and the Energofish Feeder Team, 100s of fishing tournaments, and many carp caught.

The lures are 12 mm in size and can be used whole or cut in half.

In the latter case, they are small enough to arouse the suspicions of even the wariest fish.

In addition, their striking lemon, orange, white, and pink colors make them perfect in situations where brightly colored lures work well.

It´s also important to know that Concourse Method StiXs are soluble, elongated dumbell pellets, which are primarily used on a bait hook or pellet ring.

Their real specialty, however, is that they are sweet-tasting and contain a high level of appetite-enhancing additives, which, combined with their soluble nature, illustrate that they are significantly more powerful than conventional hook baits.

Both the sweet taste and the appetite enhancer help these lures to catch even the wariest fish, allowing the user to do well in the tournament.

The Concourse Method StiXs is a wafter design, as they are designed to lift even size 10 hooks off the bottom when full and size 14 hooks when cut in half.

size 12mm

package: 15gr