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Bassday Log Surf 144F

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Target fish

Seabass/Flat fish/Bartail flathead/Yellowtail/Japanese meagre

A casting and manoeuvrable minnow at the center of your surf strategy.
A minnow that was developed to bring surf fishing accessible to everyone.
Combining casting distance to overcome severe weather, and the stability to swim in the back wash of waves, life like tight
wobble and roll action.
It appeals to all kinds of fish, and is effective for fishing in rivers, bay areas and rock fishing.

*SMA shaft glider system
*All fish species into predatory mode
*High fishing performance and operability in the surf
(Powered by MZ-19)
Size : 144㎜ Weight : 22.4g
Hook : #4 Ring : #3
Action : Woven roll