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Azura Finesse Offset Hooks

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The model range of this series includes hooks designed to equip soft baits from minimum to medium size. Hooks have wide pods, so they are suitable for baits of different proportions. A well-defined Z-shaped bend of the forend contributes to the reliable retention of the bait. Piddiv has a round cross section, so that the hook during hatching is well held in the soft tissues of the fish mouth, without cutting them. The area that is directly adjacent to the sting of the needle sharpening is forged, which contributes to better penetration, even with weak cutting. Thanks to the hooks of this series, you can make your favorite microjig baits with non-hooks, and not just "silicone" of the usual size. Made in Japan.

Type: Offset
Fishing type: Spinal
coating: Black Nickel


          2    - 7pcs

          1    - 6pcs

         1/0 - 5pcs

         2/0 - 4pcs

         3/0 - 4pcs

         4/0 - 3pcs